Pastel goth

palest-bones: Hey I really like your blog so much. It's so perfect. I have a similar blog and I was wondering if you would check it out? Thanks! 

Nawh thank you, I really like to hear that :3
I like your blog as well, it’s cute n.n

Anonymous: they're known as ear cuffs and you can find some on etsy by searching something like "elf ear cuff" 

Thank you, I hope it will help some people (:

neck-deeper: Where did you find the picture of the earring (I dont even know what it is) because I would love to know where to get one c: 

Hii, I actually got the picture from Facebook, so I don’t really know where you can buy it, but when I look at it I would say it’s a home made earring, but I guess there are some sites where you can find other ones that might look like this one (: